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05-11-2003, 11:16 AM
A friend of mine is trying to sell something I think looks cool and is something that everyone should have. I have one in each of my mustangs(3ea). It's a mounting bracket for a fire extinguisher for the passenger side. It mounts in front of the seat. You can use your own extinguisher or buy one of his. I'm going to put his website down so you can go look at them. You will have to scroll down and click on mustang extinguishers.
He has a few pictures of customers cars with them all ready mounted. (click on the mach 1)
He doesn't mind people teasing him about vettes, but he's had a few get too serious with him. Please don't abuse him too bad. Let me know what you think.


05-18-2003, 10:29 PM
Is there a phone number to contact Vetteworks? I did not see one using the link.