View Full Version : The plate said "U lose"

05-17-2003, 11:46 AM
I had owned my bone stock '97 Cobra for about a half a week and I was driving down Westheimer here in Houston, just cruising. When I saw a red C5 Vette up ahead. I said to my wife "I want to get pole with that Vette at a light."

As I got closer, the first thing I noticed was his vanity plate that said, ULOSE. The first thing I thought was, I am going to embarrass myself. But I have never really cared about being out classed, I just like to race. The next thing I noticed was that the guy was about 65 years old and had his wife of similar years with him. (Kind of unusual for an old guy in a Vette.) We got pole at the next light and my wife kept telling me, he's not going to race you! Did you see how old he is? To which I said, did you see his licence plate?

The light turned green and we launched, wheel to wheel to 70 MPH. Until we had to shut it down for the next light. The first thing I thought was, that was a fluke, he should've beat me. Next light, same thing. Side by side all the way. I mean don't those cars have about 50 more H.P. and weigh about a 1000 lbs. less than a '97 Snake?

Both he and I were just giggling like a couple of idiots at each light. I have never been so pleased with not winning in my life. I'm not a big drag racing guy, but I can't wait to find my old friend again after I unleash a few ponies and change my gear ratio.


05-18-2003, 08:25 PM
Just think how much More he paid for his chevy, Just to break even with a Cobra!