View Full Version : Nice 91 Convert goes down!

05-18-2003, 09:47 PM
I see this nice 91 or so Vert behind me top down,Huge cowl hood must have been 4 inch at least. Sounds real good when we are closer. Lots of traffic around, about a mile or so down the road, we finally get a chance to run from a 50 roll, I back it down to 3'rd, he got the jump and pulled me bye 1/2 a car bye the top of 3'rd. We both have to lay off,for the Red light. Just what I wanted! (smile) I launced slow,didn't want to spin through 1'st. I'm about a car in front of him in 1'st got another 1/2 a car through 2'nd and thats where we stayed to about 110 before we both started to slow down. We talked at the next light. He has a 306 and a carb.He said he liked the way my Cobra sounds.All this without my superchip,I sent it in last week to get it reburned to compensate for the new heads and cam.
Just to bad he wasn't in a camaro!