View Full Version : Fogger system?

05-21-2003, 10:14 PM
ok this guy has a nx fogger kit for sale 200$. It came off a 4 banger and then was on a v6 malibu. i need to know if it will work on my 99 cobra.Its just the fogger in the intake kit.

05-22-2003, 12:16 AM
doesn't sound like a fogger setup to me. At least not if it was on a 4 and a 6 cyl car and only has one nozzle. Do you have a picture you could post or link to? Every NX kit I have seen is a wet kit, one line running into the nozzle for gas, one for N2O. Is the kit complete, bottle, brackets, braided lines, activation switch, nozzle, etc? Little stuff can get expensive, bottles are expensive as well. If complete that is a good price. Joe Lynch on the Corral runs an NX wet kit on a 99 or 01 Cobra with good results. I have run a Compucar wet kit on my 96 with no problems. You just have to be careful not to activate too soon or miss a gear. Adding an MSD window switch would prevent that. Compucar told me to stay at 125 hp or less. If you can, post up some more info on the kit.