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Topless In Tex
05-22-2003, 01:51 AM
Well, as most of you know some of us are trying to get ready for the MCOA Nats this weekend...After having Topless's new TOP and GLASS decorate my living room for the past 15 months, I FINALLY got it put on Monday.... :o

ONLY because they judge w/ the tops UP....and OMG!!!!!! THEY DID A BADASS JOB!!!! I AM SO HAPPY WITH THE QUALITY OF WORK THEY DID!!!! The pics I have here are of the process, I have yet to get some of the finished product!! Not ONLY did they repaint my headliner and repair it and tighten it, the replaced 1/2 the foam pad that was wasted, and cleaned everything up and did not charge me an extra CENT for any of it!!!! I have seen some REALLY CRAPPY top jobs, and was VERY CONCERNED about the quality. They had NO problem w/ me hanging out in the work area...( most guys that do my work, KNOW thats a GIVEN...nobody does NOTHING to Topless w/out me there!) I RELUCTANTLY HAVE KEPT THE TOP UP SINCE MONDAY..he said to let it bake in the sun to help stretch it..that baby is TIGHT!!!!! as IS my headliner, (and BLACK too! ) I FINALLY today, could not resist, and had to put it down, but I cant tell ya'll how great the top looks...its an Electron Top/Glass...I paid an extra $100 for a defroster....duhhhhhh......we dont know if I have the damn wiring for the defroster or not. :rolleyes: I've wished at times I had it, but did not think to check for the wiring, so I am unsure.

The guys called to see how much for a new headliner...mine is SOOOOOO faded, and it would show at the show...the h/l was $169!!!!!!!! I said no damn way...and thats when they threw in he paint on myheadliner!!! I showed them my Mag. spread from MM&FF and I think they got a kikk out of that....these are also the people that did my custom embroirdry on my headrests which yu can see if you go to Mustang Works, Girls Can too forum and look up my old Mare Of the Month....they did a badass job! I'm VERY happy..

so tomorrow I get to on my day of vacation:

1) Body shop, Put on new back bumper, replace weatherstrip on Cobra side marker lamps, touch up paint chips
2) Go to BOBS..(Camaro Kid) and Pressurewash my undercarriage
3) McCree Ford...pick up my shiny new ashtray.....Ya, really...I SMOKE and they DID look in the ASHTRAY at NATS 4 years ago! mine is rusted...and I'm not gonna let them get me on that one!
4) Wash coolant off my chrome in my engine....I was up till 1am last night putting in my NEW RADIATOR!!! I SPRUNG A LEAK! me and White Snake noticed it when we went to Silsby, but did not think it came from my car...well...it did....it cost me ANOTHER $180- and my friggin car OVERHEATED!!!!! My mech. did not have the fan hooked up right!!! I FREAKED OUT!!! THE GAUGE WAS ALL THE WAY TO HOT!!!!! Took a good 30 min. to cool it down, thank God no blown headgaskets, or a cracked block! Yu'd be burrying me in my car right about now!

Got to Blast and Polish my engine. I bought a Dremmell Polisher, I CANT WAIT TO USE!!!! and do my wheels...and my chrome to get the coolant off my chrome.. and also I want to repaint my steering wheel air bag. I got the paint from Ford.

Just wondering if I'm having high hopes getting all this done i one day.....I SHOULD have taken today off too....I intended to work on Topless 2night. Just not up to it....

so........ :) Wish me luck if I get a FRACITION of this stuff done, I'll be happy! anyways...heres the link to my webshots of stripping the top....I'll have pics of the new top in the next few days...AGAIN...they did a GREAT JOB>..if ya'll need an uppolstry person...I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM! Ya'll know how picky I am!!!
Hope to see ya'll this weekend, if I dont have a total mental breakdown by then!


this link better work!!!!!!!!:mad:

05-22-2003, 08:46 AM
A lobotomy, I though you were refering to the driver!!! JK...:)
Daym Christine, you have and are a busy girl... :thumbsup: Bet its gonna look good as usual, I need my sun glasses.
I wish I had the time (working 10's this week and they are shutting down the plant next week, = 0 hours) & $$ to to all that to the pace car. I'll be needing a top soon, not as bad as yours with the duct tape (looking at the pics), but getting worn. I did 3 hours on my underside with a brush and simple green on my back, such fun, and I still missed some I'm sure. I'll wash and Zaino tonight and clean the inside Fri.
I'll see you sat morning for the show, it should be a good one.

All who is not going out of town for Memorial weekend, make sure ya'll drop by the Adams Mark hotel for the MCOA (Mustang Club of America) nationals. I was there in 99 (with a 67 Mustang (took Bronze) that I sold & bought the Pace car) and the cars there were awsome and I don't expect anything less this time. There will be a lot of classic restored Mustangs, Boss, Mach's, Shelbys and GT's. Will be a lot of Saleens ( he was there in 99), Mclarens & Roush. If you have never been to a national, they are more for the concorse restored with different classes, throughbread (all restored original), concorse trailer & driven. They also have unrestored classes, daily drivers & street driven.

See you there and have a safe and fun weekend....:bounce: :thumbsup: :D

05-22-2003, 02:28 PM

03 cobra toy
05-22-2003, 02:59 PM
WOW Christine......What a week you have had...
I have been out of town all week and got back today at 3AM.It was fun test driving the new VW SUV all week.
I'm glad I clean my car last weekend and got that out of the way!! See every one Saturday..:)

svt tam
05-22-2003, 05:01 PM
i need to wash my top.:(