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06-04-2003, 05:18 PM
Has anyone installed or seen a Magnaflow Catback system (Part #15644) on a 2003 Cobra. If so, how was the fit and how does it sound?

06-09-2003, 07:18 AM
My buddy installed one on his 03 but it was a GT exhaust since he has a solid axle. I'm sure it was the same mufflers. It was the Magna Flows. He has BBK LT's and a BBK o/r h-pipe. It sounded like crap to both of us. He took it off and replaced it with Flows. If you like it loud, then get the Maganflows. Me personally, it doesn't sound like a Mustang. Nothing beats a Bassani. They also had fitment issues on my buddies 03 and I have read several reports on SVTPerformance.com of several witht the 03 Magnaflows having problems. You get what you pay for. It looked cheap right out of the box.

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06-12-2003, 04:29 PM
I have the Magnaflow setup and have no problems to date. I think it sound great! The bassani is also a good system also but the price is very high. I spent the extra money on mods for my car, so you can say that the Magnaflow system made more HP.....Another note if you go with the Mag system have it all welded in place.

Good luck

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