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06-09-2003, 02:11 PM
I have a 351 marine engine in my ski boat. I don't know many details about this motor, it is but together by indmar, the boat is a 92 so the motor should be from about then. It is rated at 290 hp and has a holley carb on it.

I was thinking about getting some aftermarket heads to boost the hp, but unfortunately I don't know much about ford motors. How is the compression set on the ford motor? I know on pontiac motors, different cc cylinder heads set the compression ratio.

Are heads for 351 and the 302 the same? How can I figure out the compression ratio, what are the bore and stroke for the 351 and 302, I want to avoid getting really high compression as gas on the lake is usually 89 octane.

How about exaust ports, are the all the same on the ford engines?

Any recomendations? I saw in the latest car craft they got 400 hp out of a 302 with stock cam and just afr heads.



06-19-2003, 03:28 PM
Hey, Tim, I have a set of Edelbrock Victor Jrs. that I use on my car. They are 64cc heads and can be used on a 351 or 302 and the exhaust ports are the same. The reason the headers are different between a 302 and 351 is the deck height.... 351s are taller. But for what you are doing, looking at some heads, you won't be concerned with headers. I might suggest the Edelbrock Performer heads just for a mild gain. The Jrs. I have would probably be too much for your boat motor.