View Full Version : Surging @ high RPM is GONE!!!

06-16-2003, 05:34 PM
I dont know if any of you 5.0 people remember my old posts about this problem, but i have since remedied it!! someone tipped me off that it might be a gone bad TFI module, and it was! I called performance distributors and picked up their "dyna mod" unit, which probably is just a ford unit with a couple cool stickers on it, but i figured what the heck. they claim it has a longer dwell time for a hotter spark.

Anyhow, if you are experiencing this problem, as mine was a horrible loss of power in 1st gear above 5k RPM, less of a surging in 2nd, and pretty much gone in 3rd (i dont know why this was gear sensitive) pick up either a replacement unit from ford, or call up performance distributors. Their module was $70 shipped.

So now she pulls HARD all the way to redline. After i got it in i went for a spin in my car just waiting for it to surge, as my guess and check method of fixing things usually just yeilds an unessesary part, but in the end everything will be new right? lol. but i was giddy when i got to feel it pull all the way.

So i have another question, a while back i bought a MSD 6AL box, and was hoping this might fix it. well i havent put it in yet, and i was wondering if its going to make much difference. Even if its just a matter of optomizing everything i will do it. So any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

07-13-2003, 08:09 PM
as long as you retard your base timing a couple of degrees you will notice a crisper throttle resonse as well as more power in your upper rpm range. i've got a 95 cobra with a 6al box on it right now and have been very happy with it, just have some patience while dialing your timing in!