View Full Version : Dead Integra

06-21-2003, 02:37 PM
Well this wasent my kill, but i was in the car. So we were heading down a street and this newer integra lowered, and complete with pretty good looking grilfriend rolls up on us. He gases it a little bit only to see the light changing red, so we both stop, perfect. Neither of us look at him, because its really not worth it, but he is revving his car to about 3 grand and holding it, obviously staging for a good start. My friend doesnt really race a lot, because he doesnt have much confidence in his car. He said "damnit Aaron i wish we were in your Cobra", but I just told him to go for it, it will be fun. so the integra gets a little wheelspin and my buddy just feathers it off the line and then lays into 1st. right before we hit the 1-2 shift we hear his car sputtering, like its bouncing off the rev limiter. by this time we already had half a car on him, and our second gear scratch was right at his window. he finally shifts and by this time we had about a car on him. After a little laughter we checked the mirrors and he was pulling off to the side of the road! I dont know why happened to the poor guy, but something broke... Oh yea, my buddy drives a '98 v6 mustang w/ K&N and dual exhaust.... :D

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