View Full Version : Another night series event

06-26-2003, 11:05 PM
Man I swear I love this night series. Another after work event with 7 runs, I learn so much getting 7 runs on one course. Tonight I got one of the VPs to watch and give me feed back on my runs after he watched 3 my way he started offering advise. I went from running a time and not feeling like I could find time to running slower then back to the same time feeling like I left time on course. Slow in fast out really works and I am having to adjust the line I use but its working. Granted I hit some cones but my raw times braking sooner are good. My problem then becomes adjusting my brake points and looking even farther ahead because suddenly I am moving much faster. I might even have clocked some decent times just have to wait for the results to be posted. Sorry no pictures or videos. I am going to set something up but not until after the cage is in.