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07-02-2003, 01:53 AM
I have a 99 Cobra that is bone stock and I am kinda curious as to what kind of gas mileage my car would get with a 4.10 gear in it. So if anybody out there has a similar setup to me with the addition of a 4.10 gear I would like to know about how many miles to the gallon you are picking up. Also if you guys wouldnt mind telling me how much it livened up the car and also all yall with 3.73's let me know a little about how its doing for your car. And I would love a set of FRPP Chrome 95 Cobra R's for my car and was wondering if any of you guys have found really good deals on sets of original ones from Ford. By the way Im brand new to the group as of the Parkway show so I guess Id like to say hey to everybody!


07-02-2003, 02:24 AM
I recommend 4:10 or 4:30's. I have a 99 cobra with 4:10's and the difference is unbelievable. Don't waste your time with 3:73's, I didn't notice much of a change. AS far as gas mileage, people who buy these cars aren't concerned with gas mileage only raw unadulterated power, which is what Cobra Mustang's are all about. YOU won't get as good mileage with 4:10's or 4:30's, but you'll blow just about everything on the street away. MY mods are magnaflow cat-back, magnaflow x-pipe, c&l 80mm mass air kit, bbk 62mm throttle body, autologic chip and pro-5.o shifter,and soon to add underdrive crankshaft pulley. Current RWHP IS 302 AND 293 RWTORQUE. After pulley it should be 312rwhp and 305rwtorque. Good luck,SWB.

07-02-2003, 03:14 PM
When I swapped from 3.27s to 4.10s in my '97 Cobra I went from a best of 27mpg to a best of 25mpg (all highway). If you drive normally you will not see much change at all in mileage. Be warned...the car will feel like it's about 1,000 pounds lighter with the gears so you'll be jumping on it more than you did before....which will make your gas mileage worse :)

Don't fear the gear....go with 4.30s. I have 4.10s and wish I had 4.30s.....my car is a daily driver too (it's my only car currently).