View Full Version : clutch explodes!

07-04-2003, 08:59 AM
Two clutches one year. a wwek ago i ran a formula f-bird and of cource killed him but i hit 3rd hard and no clutch pedal return, tha same feeling as a year ago. tha clutch rivots gave way and the disc fell apart. ford covered parts from the first one cause i did the work and they wernt nice about it, they woudnt pay labor or the t/o bearing, couldnt believe it. called svt told me this was not common? this time put a hole in the bell housing that you cant find in a yard, its concidered part of the trans. had to buy a new one and of course i just found another housing thru a friend at Roush. has anyone had this happen to there clutch? im going after ford again and HARD. by the way i put a centerforce dual friction in and feels great but stock clutch cant take the reg mods how does it work on all your high mod cars? post an opinion pls. dont replace your clutch with a ford clutch. WEAK. I have a bellhousing availabe for a t45 if anyone needs one contact me.:mad: