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07-17-2003, 12:29 AM
We should have more events in and around the Carolinas since a good many of the members are in the Carolinas. I know I'd go to alot more events if they were closer. Just a thought.;)

07-17-2003, 07:12 AM
What is it that you like to do? show, track, cruisies? WE are cruising down to Helen, Ga. this weekend. we have show coming up in Aug or Sept., get together for sure in Aug., autofair and another get together in Sept, dragon run in oct, and drag day in November. Probably another get together in Dec. and this is just the carolina region, nevermind the events all around the country! Check the mainpage out for more info. If you are planning on any of these, let me know.

07-17-2003, 12:06 PM

What Lisa said. :bounce: We have a club picnic coming up at King's Mountain and a pizza party at my house in September. There's Autofair, drag day, cruising to TN, GA, and a host of other events. Check out the site and be sure to read your club mail for updates.


White Venom
07-17-2003, 10:55 PM
You can come to Fun Ford Weekend with us Aug 1-3. Vance is coming with us from polk county.

07-17-2003, 10:57 PM
Mustangweek at MB:D