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07-17-2003, 05:41 AM
My 97 Cobra convertible has MM full length sub-frame connectors already because everyone here (with one exception)recommended them as the best and as a must for a convertible. Having driven before and after the install I agree since there is a noticeable improvement in the car.

I now want to plan future upgrades to the suspension. This car is a weekend fun car driven in the mountains of East Tennessee, some drag strip time and if all works out some road course / open tracking such as the NASA High Performance Driving Events or similar open track events.

Based on what my intended use of the car, a lot of on-line research, talking with folks here and my wallet size I have listed the following suspension changes. I settled on Maximum Motorsports based on my experience with the sub-frames, recommendations of others and my research. I wanted to stick with one supplier for parts compatibility and hopefully some discounts.

I looked very hard at the packages and boxes that MM offers but none really had the combination of parts I was looking for. I want a car that does not have excessive NVH so I am shying away from a Torque Arm at this time. Since I will not be hard core (AI) racing and because of cost I do not want to do the K-member change either. However the pluses of coil-over suspension appealed. I have attempted to put together a set of modifications that make sense for me. I already have the full length sub-frames, strut tower brace and k-member brace and am adding a roll bar so that takes care of the chassis stiffness. That leaves rear suspension, front suspension and fine-tuning.

Please look over the list below and based on my intended use make any recommendations you think are warranted. If I have come up with something that does not make sense say so, you won’t hurt my feelings. To the contrary I am hoping you will give me some good honest feedback.

I would post over on Corner-carvers but I just don't need the grief. This whole setup runs 2591.40 a list price from MM per their website.

Steering Rack Bushing Set Urethane
Adjustable Tie-Rod Ends

Caster/Camber Plates
Control Arm Bushing Urethane
Swaybar Bushings Urethane
Swaybar Endlink Set
Coil-Over Conversion Kit (Bilstein w/ springs)
Bilstein Struts

Panhard Bar
Lower Control Arms
Coil-Over Kit (Bilstein w/ springs)
Upper Control Arms
Bilstein Shocks