View Full Version : Looking for some cobras to come out and play? Lollipop Rally

08-03-2003, 09:36 AM
Hey guys i hope I dont get flamed for posting about this for my first post but I having been reading around the forums and thought some people on here might want to know of a nice event that is going on here in the midwest. Its called the Lollipop Rally USA and its gonna happen aug 15-17. It starts in Detroit, MI goes to Indianapolis, In then to Chicago, IL. Their are activities along the way and afterwards. Currently im the only mustang in it and I wanted to see if I can get some fellow stang owners to come out and roll with me. It will be a fun weekend if you dont mind putting up with imports. Everyone is cool at this event, you wont get those cocky people so I dont think it will be all riced out. Everyone comes together to have a fun weekend cruising. If anyone is interested check out the site at www.lollipoprallyusa.com You would need to register asap since the rally is coming up fast. Last I knew, their were 20 spots open.

Hope to see some more mustangs. Later guys/gals.