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08-08-2003, 10:56 AM
hey "guy's" I have a question. I have a '96 cobra with 76K on the odometer. on days where the temp. outside gets to be over 100 degrees and i am running the air conditioner the temp. of the motor gets alot hotter than if I dive with the a/c off. I just purchased the car and i haven't changed the coolant yet. Do you think I should change the thermostat, or do these cars normally run this hot.

08-08-2003, 12:22 PM
There was a TSB for this (From SCOA's web site (http://www.scoa.org/info/1996-info.htm)): "Overheating (TSB 96-25-12): Many 1996 Cobras overheat when pushed hard at high ambient temperatures (100+). There is a cooling upgrade kit that is available under warranty from Ford."

This was fixed on a request basis only, so if the previous owner didn't drive it in the heat or never noticed then the fix may not have been done. SVT should be able to tell you if the fix is done and if not, if it is still available.

08-08-2003, 02:11 PM
thanks for the reply Bartman01. that brings up another question, how can i contact SVT? I need to replace my SVT badge on my valve cover, is that possible?

08-14-2003, 05:35 PM
the fix is still available. had mine done last year. cost 1250. for parts and 350. for labor. ford wouldn't even give a break on parts.found out parts were listed on the fix as 975
you will know if its been done. the original cover on the rad has flaps that ectend over the headlights. the new cover does not have them. it is open to give more air flow.

08-14-2003, 06:50 PM
I am pretty sure their number is 800-Ford-SVT. I have heard of them replacing the engine tag, but I think you have to tell them who signed the orginal one.

08-15-2003, 09:49 AM
Originally posted by '96RioRed
hey "guy's" I have a question. I have a '96 cobra with 76K on the odometer.

I noticed your name 96RioRed.....'96 and '98 were Laser Red while '97 were Rio Red.

08-20-2003, 11:12 AM
does anyone know who signed it, mine is faded past that point

08-24-2003, 07:59 PM
If we don't have a FAQ on the 96 cooling issues, we should.

If you've got an extra $1500 lying around, go ahead and get a dealer to do the TSB install for you. On second thought, just order a Steeda Rad for $350, send me $300 and keep the rest for yourself. :)
How do you know your car is overheating? If you don't spew coolant and/or your car doesn't go into themal protect/limp mode (you'd know), you're not overheating. These cars run a little warm. The gauges suck. Get a real gauge and report back with your actual temp reading ( in degrees F).
If your rad is original, it probably needs to be replaced anyway.
I hope I didn't come off rude, I've been through all the overheating issues with my 96 Mystic.
Feel free to ask more questions.

09-16-2003, 11:07 AM
i know i need to replace the radiator. i get such a run around with ford. i hear some people say that it was a recall that year, but the dealer denies it. i replaced the thermostat with a 180 degree unit and replaced the coolant. the temp. has dropped back to the center of the gauge. if you have fixed a problem with your car dont be so hard on us that are trying to research our own way to fix it. i didnt know if the problem had been fixed by the previous owner and maybe the coolant just had a bubble in the line. any way the issue is resolved.

09-16-2003, 11:42 AM
good to hear you have resolved it...

This issue was handled by a TSB and not a recall.....and they only performed the TSB in hot (southern/western) states as it didn't affect owners in cooler climates (yeah...right).

A better radiator would be something to consider in the future....either a Steeda or Fluidyne would be all you need, just make sure to get one for your year ('96) and without the "cooling fix".

10-12-2003, 12:42 PM
People have "been through" all the cooling issues and debates, but it never ceases to amaze me how the cheap and effective manual high-speed fan switch (http://scott_winger.tripod.com/fanswitchpage.html) seems to always be left out as an option.
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