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08-18-2003, 08:10 PM
:bounce: About four months after I bought my 98 snake, I had a friend who had just bought a 99 ws6, firebird that is, the big boy . He had been hounding me for a week or two to run, but I was hesitant as my car was bone stock except for the flowmasters and a k&N filter and a hurst shifter. I had always heard how fast those things were, and I gave in and tried him. We chose a very secluded stretch of road deep in the county, and lined up. We gave each other a signal and came out of the hole very hard. I spun through 1st,2nd, and some of third the first time as I was nervous, and still pulled him a car and a half on to 125 mph. He was upset at the loss of traction as was I and we ran again. The road wasn't that good for grip, so I babied it through take off in first and smacked it in second. I got better tract. and pulled him a car in 2nd and pulled him another car after third, stopping at about 125 mph again. I FELT GOOD ! He gave no excuses and left with his tail between his legs!!!

08-18-2003, 11:10 PM
awesome! i just got me a 95 cobra, and i am already in love with it. i never want to give it up! i havent raced anyone yet, seeing as i am just about to get a registered tomorrow, but once i get the hang of driving this beast, i know i will have some fun. you should come down to greensboro one of these days. i'm usually on the west side of town somewhere.