View Full Version : clutch decisions

08-22-2003, 10:37 PM
The car is a 99 mustang cobra with basic bolt on's. It has about 3o2rwhp and 293rwt naturally asp. As soon as I add crank pulley it should be 312rwhp according to steve @ Powertrain Dynamics in HB,CA. My question is what is a good aftermarket clutch for this car. Someone told me Centerforce makes an excellent clutch for the car. I don't know whether to buy a centerforce II or a Centerforce dual friction. The CF II is for mildly mod'd cars for street or strip, the CF dualfriction is for high hp and high torque radically altered high perf street vehicles. The price for CFII is 209.00 and 349.00 for dual friction. The salesman @ Brothers perf warehouse quoted me the CF DF FOR 349.00, BUT I'm wondering whether that's overkill and maybe my car just needs the CFII instead of the CF DF. Let me know your opinion as soon as possible. Should I go with the less expensive centerforce II, or the more expensive centerforce dual fiction. Basically I'm just looking for a strong clutch that will last another 50 to 70,000 miles. I push the car hard on the street but have never taken it to the track. I might take it to the track once in a while. I just want a solid clutch for hard street use and possibly occasional track use. I just don't want to spend another $150.00 if it's not necessary. I'd appreciate your expert advice. Later