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08-26-2003, 10:43 AM
Ok guys, I figure I will get a better response here than in the Suspension tech forum...

I currently am running MM coilovers with 375 lb front springs and 250 lb rear springs. The car isn't used much on the track and hasn't been autocrossed this year. For now, I would like to soften the springs up for the street.

The largest problem I have had with my setup thus far is the lack of rebound. The roads are bumpy here in the mountains and I just can't keep the car sticking to the road (read: It bounces all over the place, gets me loose and ultimately I will spin this car off a mountain)

I have the 10" springs that MM recommends, but would I recieve more cushion from 12" spings?

Does anyone know what a good street coilover spring rate is for the front and rear?

Thanks for your help guys and gals!