View Full Version : Right front brake chirp

09-13-2003, 07:23 PM
I have had my car for about 4,000 miles now. When I fist picked it up from the dealership it had 51,000 and a brake job had just been completed. I noticed a chirping sound coming from the front right brake. They told me it was common after a break job and the shoes had to wear a little and it would go away. Well after 1,000 miles I took it back in and insisted they fixed it. When I got it back the noise was completely gone. But as time went on it slowly came back again, and now 3,000 miles latter it is as loud and annoying as ever. Some one had told me that they probably just lubed the brake calliper versus actually fixing it. My question is, is there a fix for it or will I just have to continue to have it lubricated? :mad: