View Full Version : Pictures for 5th anniversary CD

Ken 01-Cobra
09-15-2003, 03:56 PM
As you've probably read via the newsletter, I will be putting together a 5th Anniversary CD for the club. Tony would like to have a different set of pictures than those in the screen saver and the DVD, so if you would, please check your archives and send along any you think may be interesting. These can include your car, club events, club functions, or anything else pertaining to the SCMC.

As for the pictures, please send me the HIGHEST resolution pictures you possibly can. 1024x768 or larger is perfect. This is NOT a requirement, but makes it easier for the picture to be seen at a decent size on a wide variety of screens and video cards.

You may send pictures to ken_nospam@burtsonline_nospam.net or ken01-cobra_nospam@svtoa-atlanta_nospam.org but you will need to remove the _nospam blockers. Sometimes my mailbox gets full when people are sending me high res pics, so use the secondary address if your email bounces.