View Full Version : sad news in otc and racing

10-02-2003, 12:18 PM
Morning, folks -

Paul Mumford died yesterday afternoon when his private plane crashed outside
of Chino, CA. In an effort not to have to type all of this over again, I'm
simply going to copy in my post to the OTC board and leave the thread open
for all of you to remember Paul:


"There's really no good way to say this and I've had to inform people about
this all night, but we lost our good friend, Paul Mumford, yesterday. His
private plane experienced mechanical problems and he did not survive the
emergency landing. As of now, we are trying to determine the second soul on
board, and it looks like it may be another one of my good friends.

He was my mentor and my big brother in many ways. In my own battles with my
health over the last couple years, he was always there as an even better
friend to make me laugh or keep things in perspective.

All through the night, it was many of his closest friends here that joined
me in running down the details in an incident that left us all in shock. I
still want to believe he's going to call me in the morning to celebrate some
breakthroughs we had yesterday in his young professional racing career.

I think if we had a chance to ask Paul how he's going to enjoy Heaven, he'd
give us the standard PMUM'ism of, "I'm going to be givin' it hell up there!"
If you knew him just a little bit, you can appreciate how all of his good
friends will reflect back on that Yogi Berra presence of his.

We all love you, Paul. You were one of the great ones and the best man I
knew. There's just not enough time or space for me to tell people all the
great things about you. I will miss you greatly.

Godspeed and clear skies, my friend.