View Full Version : Sound system questions

10-05-2003, 06:01 AM
Ok everyone, i am looking for opinions and first hand experience. I am trying to decide what to do about a subwoofer in my 94 coupe. i dont want loud, hear it from a block away bass. i like nice tight bass that sounds good IN the car. I think one 10" sub is the right choice for me. so if anyone has a set up they like, let me know. i am pretty dead set on JL audio for the sub and box, but which one? I want the 10w3-v2 woofer, and they do make a stealthbox for the coupe.


the other that i am looking at is the ProWedge box.


I guess the only reason i dont want the stealthbox is i am not too keen on the idea of the sub being in the very back corner, where i could have the ProWedge box against the back seat. but what is the difference in the 2 feet aft the sub would be in the stealthbox? lol, i guess i am just pondering out loud here, and i like to drool over everything on the JLAudio website. and i was kinda bored so i thought i would post it on here....