View Full Version : ECE approved Xenon only for MUSTANG

10-08-2003, 02:42 AM
Dear Mustang fans,

Earlier in Japan, I have ordered a set of five xenon conversion kits at a bargain price. I have one installed onto my Ford SVT truck. This xenon conversion kit is ECE approved (meaning legal for use on US roads) with one year warranty certificate. It is the same unit that is found on Acura and Lexus cars.

Its ballast is made by Panasonic of Japan while its bulbs are made by Philips of Germany. Lighting temp are choice of 4500K or 6000K. They will still operate even if the driver accidentally flip the handle to high beam. In terms of installation, there is no wire cutting or modification the light assembly unit required. Just snap on and play. Trust me, you will definitely when the winter time comes along with foggy situation.

I am selling them at $400 each with FREE US ground shipping or FREE ONSITE installation (if you live around the San Francisco Bay Area). If you are interested, please email me at winwin668@hotmail.com