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10-10-2003, 10:20 AM
Hi All:

I must store my '97 Vert that I purchased this spring over the winter (I live in Wisconsin). I have a detached workshop with a concrete floor. It does have a residential furnace, but I usually only turn it on if I'm working out there (weekends, etc.). I will change the oil, add fuel stabilizer to the tank, wax the car and buy a car cover. Please advise me:

Should I start the car regularly throughout the winter?

If not, should I remove the battery? Do I lose the Mach 460 antitheft code (if there even is one)?

Should the tires be off the ground?

Should the top be left up?

Any recommendation on car covers?

Do I need to keep the shop heated (my current thermostat only goes down to 55F, which will make for an expensive winter heating bill)? I can try to find a thermostat that goes down lower and perhaps keep the shop above freezing.

Any recommendation on engine oil or additives for winter storage?

I will change all fluids again before running it next spring.


10-12-2003, 11:59 AM
You're on the right track with the oil change, full tank, and top up. You don't necessarily have to keep the garage heated... most of us po' folk don't have heated winter storage. But what I do, is lay a tarp on the cement that covers the storage area completely (tires too) underneith the car. This is to keep the moisture off the bottom of the car.

As for tires: I'm sure the wivestale of "flat spots" will arrise :rolleyes: I have always stored vehicles on their tires and have yet to experience this phenomenon. If it's a real concern, inflate the tires to max psi. and bring 'em back down to street pressure in the spring.

Car covers: You get what you pay for there. Get something that allows the paint to 'breathe'

Start, or no start?: I generally only start my car once about half way thru the storage season to keep the seals lubed. I only do it once because, as you know, the hardest thing on a motor is the initial start-up since there's no oil there yet... now do that dry start twice a month or more when your oil is thick from the frigid air (ouch). You get the painted picture there.

Battery: The best method is to have a trickle charger set up. I myself do not have one, so... I just take my battery out for storage and set it on a board in the basement. If the storage area is not heated, it's best to take the battery out. I don't believe you lose any codes by doing so.

Other: Take Bounce or Downy sheets and place a few in the car, all around the engine bay, and one in each tail pipe. This detour's any rodents, that might make their way into the garage, from wanting to make a winter home for themselves in your pride and joy.

I'm in MN so I go thru this every season also <sigh>

10-13-2003, 01:40 AM
Just a couple thoughts, although i have not gone thru winter storage. i bought the Custom fit car cover from Summit Racing for my cobra. its not made by summit, but my Noah i believe. was around 140 bucks, but the best investment i could make. also you shouldnt lose any codes for the alarm or anything, the computer and all that have hard memory, disconnecting the battery just resets them to their defaults, wether it be momentarily or for a while.

10-22-2003, 09:29 PM
Thank you for the prompt and informative reply. She goes into hibernation in about two weeks. :(