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Ken 01-Cobra
10-12-2003, 12:42 PM
I received the following from Tim with T&J Performance. He would like to invite everyone to the grand opening of their new digs the week of November 10th. They are offering specials that are pretty attractive! Just thought some of you might like to know that there is another option.

New building will be open 2nd week in November. We would like to have a grand opening with a cookout for all the local clubs. It would give everyone a chance to meet the other clubs and meet us as well.

Our labor rate is $60 hour. We are going to offer club discounts of $45 hour on labor, as well as Parts prices like this for example.
Stedda powerpipe. $199.99 list
Our normal price is $170
Club prices will be $155.99

Just an example.

Also, normal dyno tune for a blown car is $500 with dyno time.
Club price will be $375.

I tune using reflash technology as you know. I did a 2valve GT we built..car made 560rwhp and 497TQ with only 13 psi from a Strim yesterday.

Just an example of what we are doing. I have a 98 cobra we are doing that will easily see 650rwhp in a few weeks.

Im VERY customer oriented as I hope you have seen on the boards. My policy is NOONE leaves unhappy.Even if it means I loose money on the car. http://www.modularfordpowerhouse.com

We are updating the site soon with a lot more Lighning and Cobra stuff. I built our company on 2valves but we are now doing just as many Cobras and lightnings now.

We are also building a turbo kit for the modulars as well. Should start it by the end of november. We have a GT, Cobra and 03 Cobra as test cars.


Big Daddy
10-12-2003, 02:32 PM

Is he using that new software to do the tunes?? IF SO I would love to come down that weekend! :D :thumbsup:

Ken 01-Cobra
10-12-2003, 10:21 PM
Originally posted by Big Daddy

Is he using that new software to do the tunes?? IF SO I would love to come down that weekend! :D :thumbsup:
No, they use a different software package, but it seems to be pretty stout also. They just tuned a 2v to almost your power levels on 13 psi of boost, and the guy takes it on the highway for a road trip. ;)

Best bet is to talk with them about what they use. :thumbsup:

10-22-2003, 08:44 AM
Thanks for the heads-up on T&J as I have never heard of them. I noted the Norcross address. What do the specialize in? (i.e. drag, road race, street, or all 3)
p/s I liked your web site, nice job

Ken 01-Cobra
10-22-2003, 02:22 PM
They are moving to Alpharetta in a couple of weeks. They will be 10 miles from my house! :thumbsup:

As to specialities, I don't know. You might wish to call Tim and ask him, or drop by and chat with them.

Thanks for the kind words re: the website, if you're talking about mine. If you're talking about theirs, I can't take credit for it. ;)