View Full Version : Has Anyone Else noticed this?

10-21-2003, 06:46 PM
OK, Ive seen this twice now. A yet-to-be-sold 03 Cobra convertible at Ted Britt Ford and a gorgeous red 03 10th Aniversary Cobra Coupe ar MIR today.
Both Cars have the GT rocker moulding on the pass side and the Cobra Rocker moulding on the drivers side. What's up with ford this year. Has anyone here compalined? Is there a bulliten about this?. Ths cobra convertivle was $39,000+, for that money it should be amoung Ford's best effort.
I walked around MIR looking at all the 03 Cobras to see how many were like this...but who knows how many owners fixed the problem by now.
How rampant is this problem?