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11-07-2003, 11:32 AM
Just bought an 03 Cobra::bounce: Born 7/30/02 # 1716 , Had an 02 gt, Just not enough even with a performance chip , 373 gears and exhaust,
Where does the Cobra stand as far as performance with the ram air transam and others like that?
What upgrades should we start with?

The dealers sure hate to get off the sticker price on these. But they will :D

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11-08-2003, 07:59 PM
Originally posted by 1BADSNAKE
Just bought an 03 Cobra::bounce: Born 7/30/02 # 1716 , Had an 02 gt, Just not enough even with a performance chip , 373 gears and exhaust,
Where does the Cobra stand as far as performance with the ram air transam and others like that?
What upgrades should we start with?

The dealers sure hate to get off the sticker price on these. But they will :D

Start with the list below from Yellow03 If you need more HP let me know....Good luck

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Focus on flowing more air at first. Here was the sequence of my mods and some prices/hp added that manufacturers claim

1) Cold Air Kit , about $200, 15+ hp
2) Cat-Back Exhaust, Borla - pricey but worth it, $800+, 35+hp
3) 2.93 pulley & Diablo Chip, $300, 60+hp

With the mods above I have dynoed at 426rwhp/440 torque. My next steps are:

-Equal length headers, about $500
-Xpipe with high-flow Cats, about $450
-Kenne Belle Blower, $3900

Mike M

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CAI, Borla cat-back, Pulley, Diablo chip...so far

426 rwhp, 440 torque

11-09-2003, 10:38 PM
I'm new to SVT cobra just gto a 2003 and new to superchargers I know turbos and want to find good sites to buy aftermarket parts.

11-17-2003, 02:17 AM
akaeric, try rpmoutlet.com for starters...;)

11-21-2003, 06:11 PM
These ford says 390 h.p but these Cobras have been dynoing at over 400 h.p. stocked. You can put to much power if you have never drove a car with alot of HP I just got out of the Nissan300zx twin tubo seen and was pushing 600 H.P. and it can get you in trouble on dry pavement if you have never handled a car like that and when you start getting in the 425 and up range you starting to get in that zone. Don't get me wrong I love power to I am slowly work on my 2003 cobra I jsut put a cold air intake and I cut all the way bake to what we called on the 300zx precats or silencers and came back with a x pipe and Megnaflow exhaust just for a note it only cost me 500.00 bucks compared to those kits that cost over 800.00 you do the math. and I know I jumped at least 60 if not more H.P. the car becomes undriveable in the snow and rain even with that tracking control which I am starting not to like I didn't know it would cut the engine down to keep tracking. What I'm trying to say and I know you didn't ask for it but you have great car base the way it is so move slowly and I recommend you keep the second set of cats because it sounds good but it is a little on the loud side but once I'm in 6th and crusing it quits right down to where you can't hear it. Sorry got cared away but the warning is real I know I leaned the hard way what a 600HP car will do driving it every day.:bounce:

11-29-2003, 11:14 PM
the biggest bang four your buck would be a chip or the Diablo predator which I have and highly recommend because it is fast and theres no intrusion into you ECU other than downlettingoading and it saves your factory settings so when you take your car in to the dealer just reset it back to factory setings and I saw some were they were having a christmas sell on them next would be exhaust. Now this is where I differ from most don't get me wrong I have no problem with catback kits but I can save you a lot of money and i am going to explain this now. I did and I would recommend finding a good local muffler shop not Midas or one of those but a good independent one and if they deal with speed equipment the better. Now all so it dpends on if you live in a State that has smog inspections on what you have done and cost. I live in a state that dosen't I could run open exhaust if I wanted to.ANyway first the cobra has 4 converter two precats coming off the exhaust manifold and the two main which everyone nows about. I just cut my hole exhaust system off to the precats they are also called silencers and used bigger dia. pipe and came from the precats to a X pipe which is a must for lower end tork from the X pipe to Megnaflow mufflers then out the back with three inch stainless tips and to proper thinking that it would be to loud but remmeber before the concverter were invented this is all the exhaust system consisted of and was quit by what kind of muffler you used. but the good part is it cost me only $ 500.00 foreverything including labor and all the joints were wielded not bolted so my exhaust system is well built you can wiggle it by hand and a kit once you buy the catback part and the X pipe with converters you may be in the $1,000.00 range or even $800.00 uninstalled you do the math. and one more thing if you have a problem with it during installing or latter on as it gets older who or what are you going to have to do alot of phone calls or emails shipping charges it needing a part and down time. I have a warrenty with a live local person and shop all I have to do is pull it up on the rack and have it repair what maybe a hour or two and I'm on my way. Think about it. Now I might have a unfare advantage The shop I used for my 300zxtwinturbo and now my cobra loves mustange and drags them at the local strip every sunday. Just take your time with the yellow pages and don't be afraid to just walk away if you are not comfortable with a shop you checked out look at there work. Well thats what I've been doing for years with car that I have rebuilt or moded. the owner I was talking about who drags says doing what I did should have added up to 60 HP with the opening the exhaust. I gained alot more power with the cold air intake its breathing real good low end is increased I know I keep the traction control off I can't stand it iteffect your performance and its not loud unless I open that babby up and they sound great and every day driving shift into six gear and it sounds like a stock cobra.

12-05-2003, 07:14 PM
just found this site... should give some good comparison info!!!


havent purchased anything from them... i will upgrade my '03 when the warranty expires!

12-06-2003, 08:37 AM
Some combinations of mod parts can be good, some can be risky. I put my trust in someone who does Mustang upgrades for a living and have been most pleased with the results. My 99 Cobra has the mods you see in my signature. I did them (except for the 6-speed tranny) at one time. Had the chip tuned on the dyno (28 runs) and have stuck with that program for two years now. I drive my Cobra every day since it's my only car. It now has 96,000 miles on it. I treat it well and have participated in almost all of the SCMC events for the last three years, both open track and drag strip. My engine internals are still bone stock.

Don't abuse the car, don't try to squeeze every ounce of HP out of it and it will last a long time.

I just need to learn how to drive it on the track.