View Full Version : AOD ZERO MILES. 89-93 East, Tn.

11-09-2003, 07:17 PM
Brand new rebuild AOD, ZERO MILES. 1st,D,OD Pattern. NO TORQUE CONVERTOR.

This trans had overdrive slipping in it at 60k. I rebuilt it with Raybestos clutches (Not Kevlar.) Trans did not need any hard parts. All soft parts are new.

Also has shift improver kit installed. Which means basically, all the latest updates.

Great replacement transmission for car or 4x2 truck.

Case is clean, paintable if desired.

I can only guarantee this transmission if I install it, or observe it installed. "These tranny's are easy to burn up if the TV cable is not adjusted properly."

$500.00 Plus shipping. If your close I can meet you.

Some of you may remember me at Dragon Run this year, or Ted Russell car show. I drive the Blue/white stripes AC Cobra.

Thanks Frank. torino460@hotmail.com