View Full Version : 1963 Ford Falcon 2 door hard top - $1200 in MN BO/TRADE?

12-10-2003, 04:05 PM
As some of you already know, I have TOO many vehicles. So I'm selling one:

A 1963 Ford Falcon 2 door Hardtop.

Car Has:
Ford's "powerful" 170ci inline 6 cylinder with a 1bbl carb.
2 speed Ford-O-Matic auto transmission
Redone interior panels and new black carpeting on the floor
A rebuilt head (according to the previous owner)
Underbody and inside fenders have been POR15'ed
Car is mostly solid but has some surface rust and couple of rough spots in normal areas
Dual exhaust (exhaust manifold to a Y pipe to straight out the back.
Has a '60's Mustang axle (5 lug)
Brand New rear brake line
Extra tires (3 Magnum wheels and some skinny 4 lugs for front)
Extra C4 and/or AOD transmission if wanted
Nice halogen headlights with blue LED inserts (previous owner, I swear)

Needs (What *I* was going to do to it):
a headliner ($35 on Ebay)
A set of seatbelts (if you so choose)
Some turn signal wiring (some included, mostly just needs troubleshooting - never looked at it)
The Trim put back on
Rear quarter panels welded on ($75 apiece)
A nice paint job (multicolor ROCKS!)
A nice stereo. (I have the AM one for the car..)

I have many spare parts for the car including all 4 wheel caps and original wheels.
This would be perfect for a dedicated racecar as it could be tubbed easily. And you can get fiberglass panels for it to make this light car even lighter!

Looking for $1200 or best offer. Will throw in more parts if needed. Will also trade for stuff. Just need the space.

I will get better pictures of this car tonight and post them. Here are some for now. These are from when I BOUGHT the car. It looks a WEE bit different, but not much.