View Full Version : Bassani cat-back or magnaflow?

12-26-2003, 03:39 PM
Which exhaust will give me more horsepower, Bassani x-pipe with cats and Bassani cat-back, or Magnaflow cat-back. Steve, over at www.powertraindynamics .com told me Bassani is the absolute best exhaust out there. He said the others are good, but Bassani is the best quality and performance. He said it's the only one he would buy. This guy is an expert dynotuner, he's up there with Mike Wesley(they're actually friends by the way). So I figure his opinion is one of the best. Will magnaflow give a little more power, or is the power difference negligible. The car is a 99 cobra with basic bolt-ons. I already have a Bassani x-pipe with cats ready to put on. I just want your opinion on which cat-back will give me more power, Bassani or Magnaflow. Also, what's the big difference between the aluminum and stainless steel exhaust. The car is always garaged, and only driven on the weekends, and never in the rain. I figured the aluminum will be fine for now, but let me know what ya think.


12-26-2003, 04:17 PM
the Bassani catback sounds absolutely amazing with the Bassani X-pipe. That would be my recommendation.

As for power, you'll see some gains over stock, but between the two systems I doubt there would be much difference. Either will be better than stock.