View Full Version : cold air kit for 99 cobra

12-31-2003, 08:45 PM
Is WMS HIGH VELOCITY SYSTEM a good cold air intake. I currently have a C&L80mm mass air kit, but I've heard WMS's system is better. Let me know which one is better for HP and TQ. Should I stay with the C&L unit, or switch to WMS high velocity cold air intake.


01-07-2004, 04:29 PM
I swaped my 80mm Pro-M and Densecharger combo a couple of weeks ago for a WMS Ceramic and 95mm Pro-M and the thing ROCKS.

SOP feel is there and some quick runs with a "Mr. Dyno" confirms it.

Here is a quick pic of the system:


For what is worth here is a graph of the "Mr. Dyno" runs with the Densecharger and 80 Pro-M and the WMS and 95 Pro-M. Please this is just for comparation use only and does not reflects ACTUAL numbers what so ever. The Mr. Dyno was not "calibrated" for my car and was run "as is" just to record changes.


The RED (upper graph) represents the WMS run and deeper red is the Densecharger. Also, the RPMs are off about 300 RPMs (to the lower side) for example where it says 5000 it's actually about 5300RPMs.

Just my .02