View Full Version : Super White Driving lights

01-01-2004, 09:08 PM
I replaced my stock headlamps with super white versions and they look great. However when I started to look for super white versions for the driving light (part number 9145) I couldn't find any. I solved the problem by modifying a super white version of a 9006 lamp. You need to remove the o-ring and file down the plastic to fit the lamp assembly. You also need to modify the "ears" to fit the lamp assembly.

The original lamps, 9145 were 42watt bulbs. The 9006 I put in were 55watts. This has not been a problem for me but be careful the 9006 bulb can be purchased in a 65watt version. This much extra wattage may cause a fire. That would ruin your day.

Anyway it looks soooo much better that the original dingy yellow lamps...:thumbsup: