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Black Horse
01-10-2004, 12:53 PM
OK....I have relocated my battery and am re-installing my cut-off switch. The more I think about the wiring, the more confused I make myself.

Basically my question is - do you want to switch the Positive Lead and where should the alternator feed be?

Does the disconnect switch need to "kill" the car, or just disconnect the battery power? (NASA rules are not clear in this area)

Back in my old drag racing and stock car days we mounted the battery in the trunk....since we ran no alternator we switched the negative side. In theory you could switch either side and it would kill the whole car, including the engine if it was running.

But in a car with an alternator......you would switch the postive side and would need to make sure the alternator feed (12v hot) wire is on the battery side of the switch to allow you to totally "kill" the car....if not it would be like any street car, you can take the battery out with the engine running and it will keep running.

What is everyone else doing?

What about your battery box - once again NASA rules are not specific for the "Gel" type batteries that do not need to be enclosed. I have mine SECURELY mounted without a battery box. I have though about adding a safety strap, but current mounting is stronger than the seat mounting. (And yes I know to cover the terminals)

01-10-2004, 08:43 PM
Your switch should kill the whloe car. I did mine like Shugg, he is the tech man on this issue. I had mine wired to interrupt the positive side and the car stayed running after the switch was off.:eek: