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Mystic Cobra
01-29-2004, 06:07 PM
I picked up the March issue of Mustang Enthusiast and the headline on the magazine is "Mustang Whips the new GTO." Inside the article compares 2004 Mach I with a 2004 GTO. Stock the best the GTO could muster was 14.79 at 94 mph, stock the Mach I ran 14.15 at 103 without tweaking, tuning or manipulating.

The LS1 specialists had to fool with the GTO's ECM and ice down the MAF sensor and intake manifold and reduce tire pressure in order to beat a bone stock Mach I. Even then the GTO only ran 14.05 at 98mph.

The article says "In site of its significant cubic inch, horsepower, and torque and advantage, and the mega-tweaking by experts, the GTO could barely squeak a win over the Mach 1. Sure would have been interesting to see what an SVT Cobra would have done..."

I completely disagree. Given that (1) the GTO weighs 3,725lbs curb weight and is rated at 350hp and 365lb-ft of torque and that (2) Car and Driver tested the 03 SVT Cobra at 12.9 e.t. at 111 mph I don't think it would have been very interesting at all....:thumbsup:

I tell ya, I'm liking this blue oval stuff!!! :D


Mystic Cobra
01-29-2004, 06:11 PM
Oh buy the way sorry if this is old news to you guys. But I almost bought a new GTO and man am I glad I got the Cobra instead!:cool:


01-29-2004, 06:36 PM
i laugh when I see how horrible some magazine's drivers are..

I have seen a few article where the drivers were only able to muster out 13's out or Cobra R's or 03 Cobra's....

The mach 1 is easily a 13 second car considering I ran my 01 Cobra 13.4 stock other than a catback (but mine still dyno's low for an 01, so with a catback I was dynoing what other 01's do stock). Now take the 01 Cobra and shave off a little weight, give it 3.55 gears instead of 3.27, give it better mid-range cams, a hair higher compression, and top it off with the old Ford tried and true 8.8 rear end instead of a IRS ( I love my IRS, but for straight Drag racing live axle has an edge there), and you get a faster car.

as far as the GTO, :rotf: I'm still laughin at how the GM guys keep bickering about that car. GM actually rated it at true hp/tq instead of underating it like the F-bods and the owners are b1tching because they think it should put down higher numbers following the underating trend. :baby:

You picked well Jeff, you picked well http://www.svtmustangcobraclub.com/imgs/smilies/headbang.gif
I am still in awe how well the 03's(04s) respond in both the straight line and twisties arena's with minimal mods and all the creature comforts.

Mystic Cobra
01-30-2004, 07:14 PM
Thanks Firme, I really do think I made the right choice.:thumbsup:

I took the car out today on a twisty mountain road, I didn't push it too much, I'm still breaking it in and the road was lined with trees. But even with some moderately spirited driving I can't believe how fun these cars are.

My last performance car was an old school muscle car, fast in a straight line (although not as fast as the Cobra) but there was no such thing good brakes or fast turns.

I really like how understated these cars are, not a lot of graphics, not a lot of body cladding. Unless people know what they are looking at they don't even give you a second glance. Well except for my color changing paint I have witnessed people freaking out over that a little. :D