View Full Version : adding the kenne bell blowzilla next week

02-03-2004, 05:38 PM
:D I'm putting on the kenne bell kit next week. My wrench guys are going to do a before and after dyno run. I currently have a k&n filter and full bassani exhaust and am around 400 rwhp I expect to get around 550 rwhp on pump gas (15 psi boost) I am also getting a 17 psi pulley to run with octane booster anybody here tried this yet? I just found out that I have 406 hp and 411 ft lbs at the rear wheels with the stock eaton unit . I'm adding the kenne bell twin screw along with the fuel pump,ignition booster,big oval throttle body , duel tune chip and a set of denso spark plugs two heat ranges colder as per mr. bells suggestion. I have already added all of the kenny brown suspension stiffeners {I'm going to swap my old strut tower brace for the new on made to accomodate the new blower profile} I'm also adding an idler pulley to keep the new belt tight I'll need some serious tires to go with all this new power (heck I needed serious tires before I made my first change to this awesome car) I hope to have it completed and on the dyno early next week