View Full Version : 03/04 Wheel Hop Fixes

02-03-2004, 11:02 PM
I have an 04 and even with only 200 miles I have felt partial throttle wheel hop. (the ground is so cold I cannot get any traction as it has been between 10 and 20 degrees for almost 2 weeks now) I have been considering the RPM rear diff support. Does anyone have any experience dealing with the hop? I will race the car and will probably use either BFG or the new Mickey Thompson drag radials. I tried Nitto's on my Lightning and thought they were junk on the street and track. I ended up running Hoosier 12" slicks, but with the Cobra it would be a real pain taking slicks and a jack, etc. to the track so I will try drag radials again.

02-04-2004, 01:21 AM
Here some items that are worth upgrading to get rid of wheel hop.

Dampner (shock) - extremely important... getting a high quality shock will help alot, possibly adjustable.

Springs - the stiffer the better, although if you are all for drag racing, you can't get them too stiff

IRS Brace - real good item, but 03/04's already come with one.. so don't worry about this one.

**BUSHINGS.. part of the hop is due to excessive "give"

Steeda Urethane Differential bushings.. these replace the rubber pieces that connect the pumpkin to the IRS.. good item

MM Urethane IRS Bushings... these are a pain and $$ to get put in, but essentially they replace the rubber bushings connecting the IRS to the Chassis with stronger Urethane..and help alot in stabilising the IRS

Torsen II differential... part of the reason that wheel hop is supposidly happening, is that the stock torsen lock is not a true 50/50 equal power distribution differential.. so the power flutters from side to side causing the left to right shock which leads to hop.. this differential has much better even power distribution and cuts the flutter

A combination of any of these items will virtually cut out wheel hop, some people have drastically reduced it with only one or two items. I have listed them in the order I would attempt replacing them. The quality of the product used also makes a difference. For instance, a poor choice in shocks or picking progressive rate springs might not yield the best results compared to other choices out there..

hope that helps