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Peter Calvert
02-04-2004, 06:30 PM
Hi Guys:

I received a notice of an event that Jeff Lacina, Chief SVTOA Instructor, is organizing at the end of August. Jeff's email address is stanger58@aol.com . If you are interested, send him a note to get on his mailing list. Here are the details:

OK... who's up for a little road trip in August?

Introducing... Track Dawgs On Tour 2004!

When working on my 2004 track event calendar... I realized that the planets had aligned and the FlatSpot (the Track God) is similing upon those brave souls willing to make the most of a truly unique opportunity...

How would you like to drive at Mid-Ohio, Summit Point, Watkins Glen, GingerMan and Road America... ALL within a seven (7) day span?? "Yes Lester, there IS a Track God!"

Here is the event line-up:

NASA HPDE @ Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course - 8/20 - 22
SVTOA On Track @ Summit Point Raceway - 8/21 - 22
Rochester Shelby Mustang Club @ Watkins Glen International Raceway - 8/23 - 24
Track Dawgs @ GingerMan Raceway - 8/25 (evening)
Northwoods Shelby Club @ Road America - 8/27 - 29

A lot of driving... YES. A lot of effort... YES. The ability to drive at THREE of the countries most HISTORIC race tracks within ONE WEEK? PRICELESS!

Right now I am in the process of collecting the names of "interested parties"... the Track Dawgs who are willing to make some or all of this journey. I have already spoken to MM&FF, they are VERY interested in an article (or possibly coming along for the ride) about this wild-ass adventure! Also, if you are a driving instructor, let me know if you are willing to instruct at any of these events, ESPECIALLY at Summit Point (where I'll be conducting the event) or at Watkins Glen where they NEED more top-notch instructors.

Raise your hands Track Dawgs... let me know if you are interested and specifically, which events (or ALL) you will make!

And for those of you interested, one of our fellow Track Dawgs, Mitchell Pinnix (Union City, CA) has complied the "driving distance and time" Excel file attached.

Get back to me... are YOU crazy enough to join "Track Dawgs on Tour 2004"??

Jeff Lacina
"Track Dawg"