View Full Version : Delrin and Aluminum bushings for IRS

02-20-2004, 10:00 PM
If any one is interested in upper control arm or lower control arm bushings made of delrin.Front diff bushings made of aluminum and a rear diff bushing made of delrin.Let me know as I make all of them.I have already made and sold dozens of these to many IRS equiped mustangs a few of which surf these boards.If you would like any pictures please feel free to email me.My prices are:
Front diff=$70
Rear diff=$25.00
UCA & LCA=$300.00
Complete set=$350.00

All prices include shipping via UPS.I make all bushings to order you will recieve bushings 1-2 weeks after I recieve payment.I accept paypal.Please feel free to ask any questions e-mail me at stangcobra93@comcast.net