View Full Version : '93 Cobra for Sale.

Topless In Tex
03-02-2004, 01:10 AM
Hey Guys..
A couple of my friends are selling some Stangs...all for the same reason..... need $$$$....(boy, can I relate!) :rolleyes:
anyways... I figured I'd post these here. They are local. This one is here by me....I have another one I will do in another thread, that is further up North, in Sherman, Texas..
Heres the scoop:
One is the 1993 cobra w/29,000 ORIGINAL miles price is 17,500.00. Ive seen this car personally, its VERY VERY NICE!!!!!

His second:

The other is a 1993 gt cobra conversion, heavly modified w/351 and a t trim vortech its a 2 time magazine car, asking 18,500.

This is an old friend of mine when I first joined Space City Cruisers. He is a newlywed, and is building a house. I did not now if you wanted this in the forsale forum, I figured it would do better here in the Southern Forum... Edmond, you can move it if you like. ;)

the pics are HERE:


if anyone is interested, you can email me or PM me, I can hook you up to his email address..... feel free to pass the word. Just figured this would be a great place to try to help him out! :cool: