View Full Version : '67 Fast Back for Sale.

Topless In Tex
03-02-2004, 01:26 AM
THIS car is just sooooo fine, if i had more money then sense, I'd buy it in a HEARTBEAT!
this is an acquaintance of mine and Steves. He lives in Sherman Texas (round Dallas Area)....and again, he needs $$$....
Here is his deal:

The mustang is 1967 2+2, it has original A-code 289, original 4-speed, and she also has a/c. The Mustang has 87,000 (actually like 86,700) original miles. He is asking 20K for it, but will sell it for less, if he is given the oppurtunity to purchase it back in a couple of years....
:) Puurty!

I put it in the album w/ Shawns stangs...the last pic. Blue Fastback.


Also....I might as well go all the way. Vincent also is trying to sell his Scout. Here is the Website, and its also in Shawns album.


The scout is a 1971 Scout 800b. The Scout has about 4000 on its rebuilt motor. Anything you need to know about it is on the above site: He is asking 15K for it...

Thanks guys.
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