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03-02-2004, 06:35 PM
I am selling my 99 cobra with a forged block. Mods are forged block 03 cobra intake cams, Spec III clutch (under 600 miles one it) 2003 Cobra IRS Rear-end (upgraded to 4.10 gear and 31 splines instead of 28), Custom Sub-frame connectors, Eibach lowering springs,Vortech Supercharger (9 lbs. of Boost). I am asking 22,000 or best offer for it, 03 cat back exhaust. The new motor has under 2000 miles on it. The car has 30000. I have had it dynoed it put down 450.6 RWHP and 415.5 RWTQ.

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03-11-2004, 12:33 PM
So info on the block ect.
the forged block is by a race shop call modular
madness. They do good work. The block Features:
CP or Ross 2618 Pistons
ModMax H-Beam Rods with ARP 2000 Bolts
New Ford Cobra 8 Bolt Crankshaft
New Ford 2003 Cobra Iron Block
Balanced and Blue Printed
New Ford Oil Pump
The compression ratio is 8:4:1. This mean it can
handle a crap load of boost. The block is good for
over 850 HP. If you start making that much power you
are going to need a fuel system to back it up with.
The Vortech blower is a SQ V-1 charger came with the
car when I got it. I have a smaller pulley on it now.
I have a dyno sheet but my camer is messed up. It put
450.6 RWHP and 415.5 RWTQ. The car also has 03 intake
cam which means you get all you HP and TQ at a lower
RPM. You don't have to take the car all the way to
7,000. It will make power all the way up to 7 but the
TQ drops off. 62,00 or 6500 is were I shift it. It has
a new spec III clutch in it just got it brock in.

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04-20-2004, 10:18 PM
price is now 20000. Need to sell it

05-25-2004, 10:01 PM
Yo, bro its SVTCobra9654 from aol i got a friend who interested in ur car and he has the 20g on hand ready to buy it so reply or IM me on aim and tell me ur phone number so he can call you:thumbsup: http://www.snkbitten.com/images/lside.jpg

05-26-2004, 03:08 AM
PM sent