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03-03-2004, 08:52 PM
I have decided to change some things and am going to offer my 95R for sale. I am going to list it for a honest price and it is very firm(email only if you are truly interested for the price). I will continue to drive it and enjoy it both on the street and track until it sells.

It has never been crashed or had any body work done to it. Engine has never been opened up nor does it need it. It doesn't burn oil or anything. I change oil on it after every weekend on the track.

The car is sitting track ready right now with the equipment I will list below(it needs an alignment, but until the weather gets nice, it's going to sit). I also have all the original takeoff (included in the price) parts in case a person wants to put it back to original. The car will come with the original wheels and tires put back on, they have been in storage and have very few miles on them. The car has a total of 5800 miles on it now.

If you are interested, you can contact me at grothimp@cannon.net

Here is what it is.

1995 Cobra R

1,Maximum Motorsports (MM) K-member

2, MM A-arms

3, Race valed Bilstien shocks with coilovers from MM

4, MM Panard Bar

5, MM aluminum solid steering rack bushings

6, MM adjustable rear sway-bar

7, Brembo 00 Cobra R brake kit

8, Brake cooling ducting

9, 6 point roll cage (bolted in)

10, Recaro SRD seats

11, 5 point harnesses

12, Bassani exhaust (have a couple exhaust setups that would be included)

13, Differential cooler

14, battery relocated to trunk

15, Koni DA front struts with coil-overs

16, 96 up style front spindles

17, bra

18, air pump delete kit

19, MM torque arm

20, oil pressure and engine temp guages

21, Solid steering shaft

22, Griggs bumpsteer kit with MM spacers.
Items 1 thru 6 above are brand new and were just installed this winter.

There's probly more that I am forgetting, so if you have a question, let me know.


03-03-2004, 11:30 PM
and the R gets handed to another.....If i had the $$(not anytime soon) I'd buy it to keep it in the SCMC-family.

Does the "Bubba" name get passed on to the next owner too??? ;)