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03-11-2004, 09:28 PM
I made the next step in my attempt to get rid of my rear end noise. In case you forgot, my Cobra has been making a loud whining noise at part throttle. Only when moving, in any gear, at most speeds from 10-75 mph. Everything has been changed from the back of the motor to the driveshaft housing in the last two years while the noise has remained pretty much the same...flywheel, clutch, trans, driveshaft, gears, bearings, an axle, upper and lower control arms, shocks, springs, rear brake pads, tires, wheels (what did I forget?). Everything was done by me except for the rear end stuff (gears, bearings, axle)- done at a nearby shop. The most recent project was adjustable rear upper control arms to adjust the pinion angle which was off quite a bit. I fixed it but no change at all in the noise.
I am beginning to think that it has to be bad bearings or something else in the rear end again. AND that the shop I took it too didn't do what they said (and charged me for) or didn't really find the problem.

I'm looking for a rear end expert (not THAT kind, the 8.8" :D )
John, what's your contact's name and number again? I'd be happy to take anyone for a ride at CMP who is willing to give me their opinion on the noise.

I may be pulling the rear end apart myself and taking a crack at it soon.

03-11-2004, 09:51 PM
Lester Lesneski 704-238-9884 This is a different one but better.