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03-15-2004, 11:36 AM
Hello, I'm a new member from Knoxville. (okay..I feel like I'm in an AA meeting)
My name is Brett, I'm 33, married, baby girl.
I'm a Nuclear Medicine Technologist at a Knoxville Physicians office, Navy veteran, ETSU/Johns Hopkins graduate. Pi Kappa Alpha alumni.

I own a Chrome yellow 98 Cobra I purchased (saved) from a local Chrysler dealer in 2000. I have also owned an 82 Mustang, 86 GT, and 97 GT.

My mods so far are: Bassani ORX
SVO/Borla side exhaust
MM Kmember brace
Steeda springs
Tokico 5 way shocks/struts
Cobra R's and Nitto extremes

Spring 2005 I will add: Chrome 8#Kenne Bell
Chrome BBK cak
water/alc. injection
90 mm LMAF
70 mm FRPP t/b
255 in tank
42# inj.
autologic chip and dyno-tune

This combo is a proven monster at 400rwhp/400rwtq., I'm pretty sure this can get me to a 12.5 sec. 1/4 mile. It may also get me a divorce :D

After the wife has sufficient time to cool down, I will be adding a Steeda 5 link rear and MM front grip package.

I am attempting to build a car that can handle AND still put down decent 1/4 mile times, not an easy task...but I'm pretty sure the above can pull it off, if any of you are running this combo give me your thoughts.

I will be attending all events in the Knoxville area and more than likely any track events within a 300 mile radius.
I did the dragon run and Ted Russell car show (1st place :D ) last year with you guys before I joined.

Plan on meeting many of you in the future and I am VERY pleased with SVTCobraclub so far (exept for these funky Email problems I'm having :doubt: )

See you in Gatlinburg!

03-15-2004, 12:23 PM
EDIT-Email problems fixed! :D

Mystic Cobra
03-15-2004, 08:15 PM
Hi Brett:
Welcome to the site and the Club! Sound like you have a fun hot rod on your hands.

A little marital advice, buy several cars (three worked for me) in various stages of reconstruction, and tinker with them for five years. Then one day tell the wife that you are going to consolidate your auto collection to one good one. She'll be so happy that you are getting rid of some cars that you will have an open check book! :thumbsup:

PS don't pay any attention to my marital advice, I failed to mention to you that I'm on my third marriage. DOH! :D

Enjoy the club...

03-15-2004, 08:23 PM

Welcome aboard! Before you know it, it will be the 5th Anniversary. :bounce: Look forward to seeing you again!

03-15-2004, 08:29 PM
hi brett (yeah you're right it does sound AA ish..) :eek: glad ya made it here and see ya soon! :thumbsup:

03-17-2004, 12:51 PM

Welcome..Love that Chrome Yellow! :clapping:

I have been seeing my current girlfriend for 2 years...and while she does not give me a hard time about spending the money yet..(our money is seperate) she does think that I have lost it though as passionate as I am about my Cobra. I think everytime I turn around these days I am saying Guess what I bought today! :firebounc :eek:

Although I have also been married twice too.

03-19-2004, 10:50 AM
Welcome! I am not to far away from you...I live 2 hrs outside of Knoxville! :thumbsup: