View Full Version : Need Ur Help on Proper Rim&Tire Fitting

03-16-2004, 04:13 PM
I currently have a Cobra RR hood which is about 3inch high. Anyone know where i can get a 4inch cowl hood or a Hood similar to the RR but with a higher Lift (4inch) i've seen the 94-98 body style with this hood in pictures from FFMM magazine but not for sale by anybody. Can someone help?

Someone who knows please let me know. I'm getting the run around; I currently have 95 Cobra R's all around 245's up front and 275 in back. I'm looking to make my cobra a track only car. I want the ever so common ProStar/Mickey Thompson Combinations. What size rim will fit up front? and what tire size goes with that up front.?? I heard that our Cobra brakes make it hard to fit that combo up front? Then how do i do it? :eek: I want the skinnies up front, and the back are easy. What is the difference of getting the 26x10.5 compared to the 28x10.5, any advantages over the other. Please help me out guys..thanks!! :)