View Full Version : FOR SALE: (4) 17" 94/95 polished Cobra rims w/tires

Cobra Jet
03-22-2004, 11:10 AM
I temporarily installed my set of Bullitts from my old LX coupe onto the Cobra and am selling the stock 94 Cobra rims w/tires.

Pic of actual rims & tires:

DRIVER FRONT: http://www.corral.net/photopost/data/500/4437rimdrvfr-med.jpg

DRIVER REAR: http://www.corral.net/photopost/data/500/4437rimdrvr-med.jpg

PASSENGER FRONT: http://www.corral.net/photopost/data/500/4437rimpassfr-med.jpg NOTE: The "ding or dent" inthe outer lip.

PASSENGER REAR: http://www.corral.net/photopost/data/500/4437rimpassr-med.jpg

(4) 1994/1995 17", 17x8, factory "polished" Cobra rims, with matching center caps. All (4) rims are in very good condition, considering they are used and have 88,xxx original miles on them. The wheel finish is in very good condition. There are some very slight curb rashings on the lips of each wheel (common), and the area around the center caps is in good shape, except for the factory indentation where you need to pry off the center cap (again, common wear). (1) rim does have a very small dent in the outer lip (pothole I assume), which can be easily fixed, with the tire mounted, it does NOT leak any air at all. A very nice compounding and metal polish and these rims will look brand new. The clearcoat (if any) on the actual wheels is in excellent shape from what I can see, no peeling at all.

They also come with a set of Good Year Eagle HP "Ultra Plus" directional tires. These are 255/45/17's. (2) tires are close to the tread wear bars. The other (2) tires are nearly BRAND NEW (were replaced by the dealer when I bought the car), with less than 10% wear (90% tread left). So, you would only need to replace (2) tires if keeping the same brand of tires.

I do NOT want to separate the tires, or separate the rims - selling all (4) as a set w/tires.

Must be picked up in Southern NJ - otherwise, shipping expense would be close to another $100 due to size and weight.

These would be great for a second set of "track rims", good temporary set for 5-lug conversions, or great to use for "winter use" for those who don't want to mess up their good set of rims when the winter sets in.

Asking $500 for the complete set