View Full Version : Mid-Ohio Track Day - Friday, April 23

04-01-2004, 01:43 PM
The S2000 Club of America is sponsoring a Driving School event at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, Lexington, Ohio on Friday, April 23, 2004. http://images.honda-tech.com/set1/smile/emsmile.gif

This event is open to all makes and models so long as the vehicle is "trackable." Convertibles with factory roll hoops are permitted but those without factory roll hoops must have a roll bar installed. T-tops are not convertibles.

The entry fee for this event is $200 for the public and $180 for S2000 Club members and Alfa Romeo Owner's Club members. After April 9, there is a late charge of $20.

Contact Harry Cash of Track Day Unlimited, event manager, at 630.670.6050 or e-mail to trackday@innova-tech.net to discuss details.

Activities will commence at approximately 8:00 AM and continue until conclusion of the last track session at 4:30 PM.

For the purposes of this event, organizers will divide the participant field into three (3) groups for on-track sessions. Group A will consist of Advanced and Instructor drivers. Group B will consist of experienced Intermediate drivers and Group C will consist of Beginner and Novice drivers. Group membership will be assigned by the event manager

You will find a myriad of other information and sources at our Internet site for this event located at URL http://www.midohio.innova-tech.net (http://www.midohio.innova-tech.net) . Sincerely,
Harry Cash, Track Day Unlimited