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04-11-2004, 08:05 AM
:bounce: I just joined up! Happy Easter everybody. I live in PA and was born here. The name comes from my dog (Australlian Shepherd). Probably the largest animal or creature that will fit in the back seat of my Cobra (which seems a bit too small for children).

I have been a mustang fan ever since I learned what one was back in the day. Now more than ever since I bought a 2001 Cobra.

Not too many mods on the car yet. Just the typical, AMSOIL air filter (similar to the K&N but different), Denso Irridium Plugs. I did have a cold air kit, but removed it due to carbon build up (MAF fouling or improper reading of air flow). It took me a few months to research a remedy to remove the carbon without ripping apart the motor. Fuel additives and intake cleaner did nothing to remove the build up on the pistons. Water mixed with isopropal alcohol 10:1 did the trick. No more carbon, no more ping. This is how I found this site, by searching the web and through other forums.

That is my story in a nutshell. I have been bitten by the snake, may I never recover. :thumbsup:

04-11-2004, 08:09 AM
WELCOME!! I hope you enjoy it here! Have you joined the SCMC yet? We have had Austrailian Sheperds too. Unfortunately, no longer with us... :( :( They are excellent dogs! Enjoy your snake! :thumbsup: :bounce:

04-12-2004, 07:00 AM
Welcome to the board ausie :bounce: this is the place to be if you love Cobra's :thumbsup:

oh and btw, good choice in dogs.. :cool:

this is my ausie, his name is Jack


04-13-2004, 06:38 AM
Hey, A tri color aussie, cool. Mine is a blue meryl aussie. His name is merlin, He started off as a show quality pup and wound up with me. I cannot even think the word frisbee because he goes nuts with just the mention of one.

I did attempt to attach a picture, unfortunately I am unable to do so.

Cobra's and Aussies, quick peppy and full of energy. I think my dog likes to ride in the Mustang more than the Explorer. Can you blame him? :D

04-18-2004, 04:15 PM
Ausie, where in PA do you live? I am from the Pittsburgh area. I see that you also have a 2001 Cobra, im on the market. Do you ever take it to shows?

04-19-2004, 07:08 AM
Ausie, where in PA do you live? I am from the Pittsburgh area. I see that you also have a 2001 Cobra, im on the market. Do you ever take it to shows?
I live in Allentown. And yes I take it to shows. Usually to the "cruise nights" events which is sponsored by a local Wheels of time SRA club. The cruise nights event is a show for all vehicles (the majority are street rods). They also have an annual Wheels of time event for members only (my car is too new and not classified as a street rod) to enter that show. Every year (as long as it does not rain) I attend the local SVT chapter event in Coopersburg where judging takes place. What I found disturbing was that all cobra's including the shelby SC cobras (originals and kits) were included in my class. That show takes place in August. There is also another event at a local drag strip in the Reading area which is strictly an all ford event. I have yet to go since it got rained out last year.

If your are on the market for a Cobra, the new ones are cool. As for the 2001 year, there are several issues to be concerned with. Pinging is one of the major issues with that year after a few miles are on it. The cause (in fords mind is that owners don't drive them hard enough - yeah right) for the pinging is related to carbon build up in the combustion chamber. Having close to 10:1 compression and using inferior gasoline is a bad thing. I have to maintain a regular carbon cleaning routine as a preventative measure, and so far it no longer pings. (replaced IAC and EGR valve - hopefully this will not be required too many times). Using water and isopropal alcohol and injecting it directly into the throtle body while the engine was running was the only way to remove the carbon short of taking the engine apart. Just a preventive maintance I did not count on but that is okay. I have also heard of some 01 having bad bearings and guessing how many of them are affected is uncertain. Mine was built in the last quarter of the SVT production in October which was just delivered right before I bought it. I did however find the seats more comfortable in the 03+ cobras and was considering trading mine in. It would cost less money if I modified my car as it is than to trade it in. I am hesitant in a trade in since the supercharger on the new cobra is not seasoned yet. I do know ford has been working on a supercharged motor for the mustang for a very long time (since the 4.6 liter engine was available for the lincolin) and has been in production up until 2003. The first cobra's to get a supercharger were the Saleen modified and Rouch modified vehicles. I would prefer Saleen over Rouch. Good luck in your search, if you find a Saleen even better :thumbsup:

04-19-2004, 07:12 PM
Ausie! birthy hapday!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :birthday: