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04-19-2004, 05:53 PM
:eek: I went to road america this past saturday to watch the f-bodies and friends run. I parked next to a guy running an 01. bmw Z3 M coupe we shot the bull for a 15-20 mins while he was waiting for his group to go. He had the price of admission and talked about the other fun cars he had at home. I told him about the track time racing school I took here last year and he thought he should do the same. His wife bought him the beemer for xmas this year (I knew more about his car than he did). He took off for his turn running around the track. I was watching with my kid and a black flag went up I was watching the cars file off the track (there is always an awesome array of great cars there, I had a constant woody) I noticed the M coupe wasn't in the line. He went off track and t-boned a barrier at speed and his beemer was toast. guess he should have learned how to go or more importantly stop. I was thinking about racing my 03 cobra (514 rwhp 484 rwt) but I think I may run something with a little less ponies and less expensive as well. I've got a line on a 99 cobra shell with a sorted chassi I've always wanted to build an engine and my kid would have fun and learn a thing or two as well. I saw him get into the airport van on his way home to say he had a pained expression would be an understatement. :( :(

04-19-2004, 07:03 PM

lessons i have learned: (not necessarily in this order either!)

1. don't run what you can't afford to lose
2. SAftey FIRST!
3. safety first!
4. technique first , speed later